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Download EZ Macros v5.0a patch by Saltine

Added to site2002-12-31

ezmacrosv5.0apatchsaltine.zip (10782 bytes)

saltine.nfo 2486 1093
file_id.diz 57 57
patch.exe 11776 9320


Saltine presents...                                               [11/15/2001]


Name............: EZ Macros 5.0a

Vendor..........: American Systems

Info............: http://www.americansys.com/

Download........: ftp://ftp.americansys.com/amem5a.exe

Size............: 776,704 bytes

Description.....: With EZ Macros you can "record" keystrokes and/or mouse
                  movements or you can create macros manually. Hundreds
                  of possible macro hot keys are available. When you create
                  or edit a macro, EZ Macros lets you insert pauses, delays,
                  sounds, date, time, and more! The "Type-A-Macro" feature
                  lets you assign macros to characters you enter rather
                  than 'hot keys.' This makes them perfect for inserting
                  text because you can use them without moving your fingers
                  from the keyboard.  With the FREE companion program,
                  EZ Scheduler, macros can be scheduled to run at Windows
                  startup, once, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. If
                  you're concerned about security, EZ Macros lets you
                  create "secure" macros. A secure macro is protected by a
                  password created by you. Secure macros can only be edited,
                  deleted, or scheduled by entering the password and no one
                  can see the keystrokes that activate them!

Protection......: 30 Day Trial, IsFullVersion()

Method / Time...: W32DASM / 5 Minutes

System Req......: WinALL
Crack Notes.....: Run the patch in the program directory to modify

                  The software is registered.

                  I recommend you get the scheduler for it here:
Authenticity....: My cracks are PGP signed (note the .sig file). To
                  verify the file came from me and has not been tampered
                  with, issue this command (as applies to PGP 2.6.x):

                  PGP crack.sig crack.exe

                  You should get a message stating that it is a good
                  signature from me. Of course you will need my public
                  key, which is available on many PGP public keyservers.


EZ Macros 5.0a - Crack by Saltine - [xx/01]

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