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Download Office XP Universal Activator v1.0

Added to site2002-12-31

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12 August 2001

How to use the Office XP Universal Activator (version 1.0):

1) Install Office XP (trial or non-trial)
2) Run each Office XP application at least once (choose
   "activate later" whenever the activation guide/nag screen
3) Then run OfficeXPUniversalActivator.exe

********** Other information : ********

Office XP Universal Activator removes:

1) the 50 uses de-activation limit (4 uses in trial versions)
2) the annoying activation guide/nag (which you do not need any more)
3) the 30 days limit (trial versions only)

It has been succesfully tested on:

Office XP full non-trial Danish version (Word, Excel, Access,
Outlook, Powerpoint, Frontpage 2002)
Office XP full non-trial English version
Office XP full non-trial Dutch version
Office XP 30 days trial Danish version (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Powerpoint)
(on various Windows versions including Windows 2000)

It remains to be tested on Publisher 2002 and Visio 2002
(let us hope it does work on these applications also!)

Known problems so far: none.

(A missing task pane has been reported by a single tester
when (and only when) the Activator was used just after
installation, ie. before any Office applications were opened.
I cannot reproduce this problem on my computer and it may have
nothing to do with the Activator. But still I recommend that you
follow the instructions above, ie. that you open each application
once before using the activator - just to be on the safe side.)

***** Removing / toggling the patching: ***********

The activation changes can be removed by running
OfficeXPUniversalActivator.exe once more. The Office files
are then restored exactly as before (including file time stamps).
In other words: you can toggle the "activation"/patching on/off
any number of times by just running OfficeXPUniversal.exe.
This temporarily removes all traces of the patching and
could be usefull before and after future windows upgrades.

******* Simultaneous use of other cracks: ****************

If you have allready used Gege's French crack or the TNT crack
(which are allmost identical and seem to be only partly functional),
then these cracks are removed automatically when you use this one.

A word about the previously released Office XP 30-days Trial Activator:
(which is not suitable for non-trial XP versions because it does not kill
the 50 uses limit)
The Office XP 30-days Trial Activator does not interfere with the present
"Universal Activator". The 2 activators can coexist peacefully
together (at least on my computer).
But I still recommend that you remove the 30-days patching before
using this one. Removing the 30-days patching is easy: just run
the 30-days Trail Activator once more. (Though more complicated you
can even remove it afterwards: by running the 30 days activator once
and then the universal one twice.)

Influence of other unknown cracks is unpredictable. The Universal
Activator uses crc-check and warns if another patching is encountered.
If you override this warning and force the Activator to patch Office
anyhow, there is a (very) small chance that Office becomes unstable
(you may even have to start Windows in Safe Mode next time: press F8
during startup).

Office XP Universal Activator was developed from the Office XP
30-days Trial Activator.

Good luck



Office XP Universal Activator v. 1.0 works on both
trial and non-trial XP versions.

It removes:
1) the 50 uses de-activation limit (4 uses in trial versions)
2) the annoying activation guide/nag (which you do not need any more)
3) the 30 days limit (trial versions only)

Developed by Per and released 12 Aug. 2001


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