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Download Optiwave OptiFDTD v8.0 keygen by NULL

Added to site2008-07-12

Optiwave_OptiFDTD_v8_keygen_by_NULL.zip (206003 bytes)

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keygen for Optiwave OptiFDTD v8.0 by NULL



Application : OptiFDTD 8.0
    Company : Optiwave
         OS : Windows
       Date : July 12, 2008
       Size : 15 x 5mb

OptiFDTD is  a powerful, highly integrated, and user  friendly  CAD  environment
that enables  the design and  simulation  of  advanced  passive  and  non-linear
photonic components.
OptiFDTD enables  you to design, analyze and test modern  passive and  nonlinear
photonic  components for wave propagation, scattering,  reflection, diffraction,
polarization and the nonlinear phenomenon. The core program of OptiFDTD is based
on   the  finite-difference  time-domain  (FDTD)  algorithm   with  second-order
numerical accuracy and the most advanced boundary condition - Uniaxial perfectly
matched layer (UPML) boundary condition.
The algorithm  solves both electric and magnetic fields in  temporal and spatial
domain  using  the full-vector  differential  form  of  Maxwell's  coupled  curl
equations. This allows for arbitrary model geometries and places  no restriction
on the material properties of the devices.

Unpack and install. Copy contents of Crack to installation dir.

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