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Download UTS TK Solver v5.00.139 keygen by NULL

Added to site2008-05-27

UTS_TK_Solver_v5_00_keygen.zip (205499 bytes)

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NULL presents keygen for UTS TK Solver v5.00.139



Application : TK Solver 5.00.139
    Company : UTS
         OS : Windows
       Date : May 27, 2008
       Size : 13 x 5mb

Math and So Much More
TK  Solver 5.0  from  Universal  Technical  Systems, Inc.  (UTS)  is  one of the
longest-standing  mathematical equation  solvers  on the  market today. Built on
proven  technology,  TK  Solver  readily  solves  simultaneous  equations  using
iteration to significantly reduce design hours, production costs, and speed time
to market.
Simple and Fast
Engineers,  scientists, and  financial  analysts need  to approach problems from
many  different angles and TK Solver enables them do  this up to 90% faster than
traditional  methods.  What  makes  this  possible  is  the  unique  rule-based,
declarative  method of  setting  up  problems.  Other  programming and  analysis
environments  use a  procedural  approach  that  requires a  precise sequence of
instructions  and formulas where the known and  unknown variables are sorted out
ahead of time.

Unpack and install. Copy contents of Crack to %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\UTS\UTSLicense.

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