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Download XLStat v5.1 V2 regfile by Pink Panther

Added to site2002-12-31

xlstatv5.1v2regfilepinkpanther.zip (67858 bytes)

Reset_XLStat_V5.1_V2.reg 1296 410
PinkPanther.NFO 520 334
regfile.exe 171008 66862


OK, Here you have one of the most awaited Excel's addin crack: 
XLstat 5.1 V2 Evaluation Resetter
Download XLstat 5.1 V2 from this address:


Addin Cost: To much money....

Crack instructions:

1.- Install it following author instrucctions.
2.- Install "Reset_XLStat_V5.1_V2.REG" (making sure you're out of Excel before installing the crack).
3.- Start Excel and the Trial period has been reset

Note: It's a real bitch to crack, so I made a trail period resetter.....

Pink Panther

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