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Download Xilinx ISE Design Suite v10.1 keygen by CRSiSO

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        ▀▀▀▓▒        ▀▀                                            ▀▀     ▀▀▀▓░
 Xilinx ISE Design Suite v10.1 (c) Xilinx on 2008/04                           
 The respectable size of the release is 63 disks @ 100MB a piece               
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 Today, FPGA design is as sophisticated as any fixed-architecture              
 implementation alternative, with gate counts and manufacturing processes      
 pushing the leading edge. No longer are FPGAs consideredonly a scaled-back    
 prototyping platform; todays multi-million-gate devices offered at            
 competitive price-points are fully capable of powering high-performance,      
 high-volume products. Combined with their traditional benefits of extreme     
 flexibility and programmability, as well ease-of-design, FPGAs are, in        
 many cases, the best option for a wide variety of demanding, cost-sensitive   
 and dynamic applications in computer, communications, consumer and            
 automotive markets.                                                           
 So it is imperative that FPGA design tool environments keep pace with         
 the device capabilities for which they are targeted.                          
 The folks at Xilinx have introduced version 10.1 of their ISE Design          
 Suite. This is a single unified release providing FPGA logic designers,       
 embedded designers, and DSP designers with immediate access to the            
 company's entire line of design tools with full interoperability.             
 The ISE Design Suite 10.1 delivers significantly faster implementations       
 with an average of 2X faster run times than its predecessor, thereby          
 allowing designers to complete more turns per day.                            
 SmartXplorer technology:                                                      
 Significant to this new release is the introduction of SmartXplorer           
 technology, developed specifically to address the top challenges of the       
 design community timing-closure and productivity.                             
 SmartXplorer technology leverages distributed processing across multiple      
 Linux machines to enable even more implementation runs per day, and up to     
 38 percent faster performance by leveraging distributed processing and        
 multiple implementation strategies. SmartXplorer technology also provides     
 tools that allow users to monitor each run with individual timing reports.    
 PlanAhead Lite and strategy-based implementation:                             
 With the availability of the PlanAhead Lite tool in ISE Foundation software,  
 users have access to a subset of the powerful floorplanning and analysis      
 capabilities of the PlanAhead design and analysis tool. Included at no        
 additional cost, PlanAhead Lite features PinAhead technology, an intuitive    
 solution designed to simplify the complexities of managing the interface      
 between the target FPGA and PCB.                                              
 PinAhead technology facilitates early and intelligent pinout definition to    
 eliminate many of the pinout-related changes that typically happen            
 downstream by performing design rule checks during interactive pin            
 Once the pin assignments have been completed, PinAhead provides the ability   
 to export I/O port information through either comma separated value (CSV)     
 files or via VHDL or Verilog headers.                                         
 With ISE Design Suite10.1, Xilinx has also simplified the process of          
 determining optimal implementation settings. Designers now have the           
 ability to specify and set their own unique design goals, whether they are    
 working to maximize performance, optimize device utilization, reduce          
 dynamic power, or minimize implementation time.                               
 For example, designers using the area reduction strategy can realize an       
 average of 10 percent better logic utilization.                               
 Improved verification:                                                        
 The ISE Design Suite 10.1 also benefits from the efforts of the company"s     
 joint collaboration with Mentor Graphics. Through the use of IEEE IP          
 encrypted models, ISE Design Suite 10.1 offers up to 2X faster run times.     
 The new performance optimized BRAM, DSP, and FIFO simulation models           
 further reduce RTL simulation run times by an additional 2X.                  
 Second-generation XPower:                                                     
 Industry studies show that meeting power budgets is a growing challenge       
 for FPGA designers, especially as process geometries continue to shrink.      
 The ISE Design Suite 10.1 provides capabilities for users to analyze power    
 requirements early in the design and optimize dynamic power throughout the    
 design process.                                                               
 The second generation XPower power analysis tool enhances power estimation    
 by providing an improved user interface to make it easy to analyze power by   
 blocks, hierarchy, power rails and resources used. Information is             
 presented in both text and HTML report formats.                               
 In addition to power analysis, ISE Design Suite 10.1 provides power           
 optimization that's both convenient and extensive. Using the integrated Power 
 Optimization design goal feature, users have a simple, one-step process to    
 specify power optimization. Combined with improvements in the map and         
 place-and-route algorithms, users can reduce dynamic power in their           
 designs by an average of 10 percent for 65 nm Virtex-5 devices and an         
 average of 12 percent with Spartan-3 generation FPGAs.                        
 Embedded and DSP tool integration:                                            
 To help users achieve optimal embedded and DSP design results more quickly,   
 ISE Design Suite 10.1 also introduces many ease-of-use enhancements to        
 both the Xilinx embedded and DSP tools, including unified interoperability,   
 which allows users to easily add System Generator modules within the ISE      
 Project Navigator.                                                            
 Inter-tool integration enhancements between EDK and System Generator for DSP  
 technologies enable more sophisticated FPGA SoC design incorporating both     
 embedded and signal processing.                                               
 Availability and pricing:                                                     
 The ISE Design Suite 10.1 consists of ISE Foundation, Embedded Development    
 Kit (EDK) with Platform Studio (XPS), System Generator for DSP, AccelDSP      
 synthesis tool, ChipScope Pro analyzer and ChipScope Pro Serial I/O           
 toolkit, PlanAhead design and analysis tool, and ISE simulator.               
 Users can install domain-specific DSP, embedded, and logic design products    
 from either a DVD or electronic download. Using an electronic fulfillment     
 process as the primary product delivery method provides users with access     
 to not only the products they are entitled to, but evaluation versions of     
 other Xilinx design tools.                                                    
 All products in the ISE Design Suite 10.1 are immediately available with      
 prices ranging from US$495 to $2,495. Full-featured 60-day evaluation         
 versions can be downloaded from the Xilinx web site at no charge. For more    
 information on the ISE Design Suite 10.1, visit www.xilinx.com/ISE.           
 ─  ─-─── ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ──-─  ─ 
 1. Unpack the release.                                                        
 2. Burn/Mount the image.                                                      
 3. Use our Registration ID: 1472AKH27AD266UHKE980RNMB                         
 Enabled Products (all high level products are enabled):                       
 - ISE Foundation Software 10.1 with ISE Simulator (the ise simulator needs to 
   be obtained and installed separately it is shipped as a separate cd         
   (Modelsim Xilinx Edition III))                                              
 - Chipscope PRO Tool 10.1                                                     
 - Chipscope PRO Serial I/O Toolkit                                            
 - PlanAhead Design (lite) and Analysis Tool 10.1                              
 - System Generator for DSP 10.1                                               
 - AccelDSP Synthesis Tool 10.1                                                
 ─  ─-─── ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ──-─  ─ 
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CRSiSO's keygen for Xilinx ISE Design Suite v10.1

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