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Download i7 Technologies Disk Serializer v1.03 Fixed serial by xSatIoNne

Added to site2005-02-12

i7technologiesdiskserializerv1.03fixedserialxsationne.zip (36050 bytes)

DiskSerializer103Fix.EXE 61925 34933
DiskSerializer.nfo 1227 659
file_id.diz 113 102


By xSatIoNne

i7 Technologies Disk Serializer Webpage: 

Direct the DiskSerializer103Fix.EXE file to where the serializer.exe program 
is located or copy the DiskSerializer103Fix.EXE file into the folder where 
the serializer.exe file is and run it.  
This will convert Trial version to Full version.

Disk Serializer has been written to facilitate the changing of a Disk Serial 
Number on a hard drive or floppy disk using a simple visual interface.

Note: This product does NOT work with Windows NT, Windows 2000
      or Filesystems that are NOT FAT, FAT16 or FAT32. 

It has been written in response to requests for assistance when 
someone who has backed up their hard drive and reformatted it as
found that products which they have legally purchased no longer operate 
as they use the Disk Serial number at installation as a form of copy protection.

Many systems use the Disk Serial Numbers for archival reference purposes. 
As the Serial number is written pseudo-randomly when a drive is formatted, 
there was a need for some method of re-writing the original serial 
to save a re-catalog operation.


i7 Technologies Disk Serializer 1.03
Fix-Converts Trial version to Full version.
By xSatIoNne

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