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Download Hardwood Hearts v1.1b47/48 regfile

Added to site2002-12-31

hardwoodheartsv1.1b4748regfile.zip (75101 bytes)

ks-hh11.com 2172 2172
ks-hh11.txt 3016 1491
Regs/ 0 0
Regs/2.reg 301 234
Regs/3.reg 301 235
Regs/5.reg 301 236
Regs/4.reg 277 265
Regs/6.reg 301 238
Regs/7.reg 325 252
Regs/8.reg 301 235
Regs/1.reg 301 240
regfile.exe 178688 68431


::: Hardwood Hearts v1.1b47/48 Nag/TimeLimits Patch by Marton of Killer Soft :::


Hi all... I have a new patch to present and it's for a game called
"Hardwood Hearts v1.1" (Build 47 or 48), a cute card game that can be played
over the Internet, which makes it a little more funny :)


Copy the patch to the "Hardwood Hearts" folder and run it (check that
the game is not running)... That's it, the Time Trial/ExitNag/Time Mode Limit/
Points Limit will be gone forever!


I made this patch because a guy called Rob, asked for it. Obviously, at the
time that this is released, there is no other patch for it. In Serials2000
there is a code (Name: Peter Caprez / Code: 1897-4275-0429) that makes it
registered but when you connect to the server, you get BANned.
The game sends the RegInfo to the server to check if it's validated, so a
KeyGen will not work on this...


As you will see, you 'seem' to get the Full Version after applying the patch
but this is not absolutely true, you get the Full Version but you will not be
able to select other Characters/DeckSets/Backgrounds/Etc than in the Trial
Version. It seems that for playing with more than three characters enabled, the
server asks validation from the program, so if I enable them with the patch,
the server keeps BANning, so they can't be used. That's the only limitation of
this patch. BTW: If you play no network games then use the code above to register it
and use all the characters/stuff.
Also, this can be avoided using the included .reg files on the 'Regs' folder,
adding any of them to the registry (double click) you get different characters
for selection, try inserting one by one till you can select the player you like.
You can create more .reg files deleting the Local Machine/Software/Silver Creek
Entertainment entry and running the game with 'hearts -Install' (notice the big
I, else it will not work), everytime you do this, you get different characters
to select, nice. :-)
Another thing: If you had the game expired before applying the patch and you
apply the patch, the splash screen will not say Full Version, if you don't like
to see Trial Version everytime, then go and delete de CurrentUser/Silver Creek
Entertainment key, after this you will get Full Version everytime, nice too.
Well, nothing else, enjoy the game!


Q: Where can I download Hardwood Hearts?
A: http://www.silvercrk.com

Q: Will this patch work on future versions of Hardwood Hearts?
A: Most probably don't, if they change the code in RogueC.dll, the patch will
not be applied, so drop me a letter if you want an update. :-)


Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Write me: [email protected]
Decent cracks from Argentina by Marton of Killer Soft

    RHS, ElBrujo, Titi, Cazador, SqR!, Poli, Carla & everybody who knows me.

Thanks for reading this shit and for using the patch.


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