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Download Hardwood Solitaire II r142 serial

Added to site2002-12-31

hardwoodsolitaireiir142serial.zip (78786 bytes)

Harwood Solitaire II Revision 1.42 Reg Codes.txt 726 334
keygen.exe 221696 78258

Harwood Solitaire II Revision 1.42 Reg Codes.txt

         Valid Registration Codes For 
         Hardwood Solitaire II r142

       From Any Game Hit Ctrl-K

    Please Choose From The Following:

        Name                       Number

  1) Phrozen Crew                 128763
  2) Thank You PC97               169910
  3) Registered Version           129751
  4) Silver Creek                 174194
  5) Hardwood Solitaire           175493
  6) Hardwood Solitaire II        176913
  7) Registered 4 Free            142348
  8) Updated Version              184862
  9) Card Player                  186191
 10) Lonely Person                136442

       Enjoy Your Registered Copy   :)

                         Insane One   

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