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Download WrapIt v1.0.1 For 3ds Max keygen by IND

Added to site2010-08-11

WrapIt.v1.0.1.For.3ds.Max.keygen.zip (158018 bytes)

IND.nfo 1317 745
WrapIt.v1.0.1.For.3ds.Max.keygen.exe 174080 156771


IND's keygen for WrapIt v1.0.1 For 3ds Max


WrapIt v1.0.1 For 3ds Max

Protection: Serial
Release type: Keygen
Release date: 2010-08-11

What is Wrapit?
Wrapit is  a 3ds  max tool  for conforming  meshes to  other meshes.  This lends
itself to various  scenarios such as  retopologising high-res meshes  like those
created in Zbrush, Mudbox, 3d Scan  data etc, and creating low poly  proxies for
situations where those are preferable, eg. collision detection, LODs etc.

Wrapit's strength lies in allowing you to use the full set of 3ds max's editable
polygon tools, including the already great Graphite tools, whilst working on the
surface of a target object. In that  respect itÆs itÆs ease of use is  second to
none; you can use all your familiar 3ds max working methods, whilst Wrapit keeps
things snapped to the surface of your high poly object. Wrapit uses 3  different
projection modes to conform the  meshes; The super fast 'Closest  Point','Vertex
Normal' and 'Screen Space', each catering for specific projection needs.



1. Install WrapIt by drag and dropping wrapit_1-01_installer.mzp on
   3ds max window.

2. Use the keygen to register.

3. Enjoy this fine release and remember: if you like it, buy it!

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